There was however one character in Shrum’s life who came around in 2011.

He can be happily called the

Pimp of her life

We can call him Mr.New Kumar.

In India Kumar is a surname like Kumari which means boy and girl if translated into English but strangely they remain Kumar and Kumari even after marriage.

If a Kumari gets married to a Kumar, she becomes a Kumar.

Funny can be names and their origins.

The pimp comes in December 2011, he is the pimp, so he tries to introduce madness in the life of Shrum.

How small things breed into larger things when the world is busy solving the larger wounds, the smaller ones fester and grow to make it big again.

Doctors say prevention is better than cure.

Through this character, Shrum learns a few very vital facts about the world.

1) All bikers are not like her, broad minded, happy go lucky fellows. Travel has not made them widened and outstretched, it has made them cynical. People who fear they would be killed while they are riding their bikes.

Or that pimp was not a biker, a barely thin reed, he posed to be one, so as to dissolve his own inferiorities and insecurities.

2) The world of imagination which ran wild in her mind was hatching in the breweries of some dumb heads, shifted to the pimp to act.

Well, not all imaginations can be channelled into thinking what the world finds beneficial if the protagonist thinks that way. Sorry about that, but then an imaginative mind is creative and not parasitic, growing on the wounds and life of others.

I think the perpetrators confused between imagination and symbiotic parasites.

Shrum was in no way parasitic, their efforts for years went in vain.

As readers, I am sure we all are aware that in India, as well as other lands a name can be given to many.

So in India, pimpish impish New Kumar can be a name to almost a ten thousand which includes synonyms and varied spellings of the same name.

The question was “Dis Shrum love not any?” The pimp could ride bikes, a biker was advertised by one of the managers under whom I worked leaning on the outer wall of Shrum’s cubicle.

The answer was a big “NO”

How can she when she was searching for a face. It does not matter what the face thinks…..outcomes don’t scare choices she makes in life and choices don’t influence the outcome in return.

Love for her was a being she knew she knew.

It did not mean she needed anything from that source.

If he had a life before Shrum would find it, she would definitely not do anything to ruin lives, she would live happily knowing there is another mammoth of her sort, another species.

Well, Mr. New Kumar was advertised by the manager.

New New was the song of the day…..everywhere you go, people were chanting new new new new….Hare Krishna hare Rama would have been better.

Even Jesus Christ!


Om Naman Shivay or Om Mani Padme Hum.

That does not make a woman’s mind repeat the lines or go to any New Kumar nor even to the pimp of the show, sadly she could not convey.

There are a string of funny incidents which make this story.

Some point to the trappings, human trafficking of minds pulling people on their own will into activities they might not wholly appreciate doing in sane minds.

This happens everywhere and in India it is called

“Trapping of the fly.”

Well, you would see how the trapping was planned for Shrum, funnily and vainly designed.

The means used, the ends imagined and Shrum’s innermost reactions. Hilarious if I could call it. Yet, severely debilitating if you do not know the pros, cons and act out of fear or vanity or anger or jealousy or lust, you my friend would be doomed.

Brace for the impact and learn if you can anything.

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