This is a narrative romantic poem

Please leave your likes and comments on the attempt.

The sleep came late, the faces of despair

hung around long, kids on wheels,

the white hairs flew amongst the blues

and the greys. The sleep came late.

My eyes were shut tight,

sleep lady spread her wings over them.

Then, you walked in, your smile gave a way.

The crowd was so huge, as people

jostled to keep pace, I stood in silence

for I needed a moment to know

it was really you, or I was dreaming in a dream.

The spirit and the astringent, the clean smell

of sick humans filled the air around.

The touch,

The feel,

The senses

arose to greet you.

I was far.

I walked back slightly

as you smiled, sulking a bit.

More noises, more humans, more filth,

but nothing could stop the bond,

the fire which flapped it’s wings

like a butterfly in my inner coils.

I knew I had to love you

the moment I met you

but it won’t touch you,

If you don’t touch it to know,

I was free then,

more free now to choose you everyday.

But, then I cannot meet you in person,

cannot cry, cannot moan the loss.

As I found you.

I live it everyday,

In dreams,

In streams,

In my bread and creams.

I cannot see you,

I cannot coerce you any which ways.

Your smell was close.

I shuddered at the thought,

It was only a dream and

I lay with open eyes.

Loving is never fun,

But loving you is not a pun.

It is deeper than most people know

Only to sleep in the depths till it’s snow.

Beneath which would burn the fire.

Slowly, solemnly, quietly, blazing

to melt the snow.

It would be you,

some know late, some know soon,

Some become friends, some take the moon.

I prefer to stay calmly since I know the boon

I walk happier and will live to be a spoon,

spoon of hope, spoon of love, spoon to balance

the marble, spoon to carry your part,

Never to leave it as I walk.

The only point is I can only try

Try to pray, try to spread hope,

Dimness draws near or is it far?

The only point is I can try.

Try to love you from far,

Try to pray for you from far,

Try to live with it from far.

Trying to glow brighter than the scar.


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