“Run.” Rocky put us in a mode where our minds had already began running whereas our bodies were still deciding if to follow the mind.

“Don’t. It’s impenetrable.” Lawrence was no longer sweet honey. His face was contorted and red.

“See, we don’t want you guys to unnecessarily trap us, we can always make a deal.” I was looking for an alternative.

“Yes, please listen to us, the message that we have called you to solve is all you are here for, it was not supposed to be this way but then this is it.” Xi’s lean body leaned on the table.

“What kind of code?”

“Not a code but a poem which could probably take us to the next level ending this horrible wait which is existing for many years.” Lawrence was sugar honey again.

“What is it? Don’t you have the best man for it here?”

“I did not think in my mind it would go this way, but then let me tell you, it is your father’s, the specifics we are not able to match and what it is talking I cannot tell.” Xi was talking again.

Apart from us six, the gamma green wall sat in the centre with the harmless looking kerchief of my beginning of my early childhood.

“Can I see it?”

“Yes, but this has to wait. He has to recover from the recoil.”

“Fine. Pull this down. Give us a place to rest, if we are not captives.” Rocky winked at Xi, I cannot tell Why?

“Great. Please help me to make this man sit up.” Lawrence moved forward.

“I am more than fine. I hold no offence.” Marco did not seem hurt.

“I am still….” I hesitated. He was old though and if he meant no harm, it was really odd.

” It’s fine. As I said I am not offended. I understand, a recoil is always more than welcome.” Marco sat up on the floor.

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