The Black Curtain Series

“Do you believe in God, Ms.Romanikoff?” Lawrence seemed to be an ardent follower, So was Xi though the masters differed.

“All or none.” I replied wryly.

“All or none?” Lawrence was counting the options in his head looking to his upper left.

“The law. Have you heard about the principle? The All or none law or principle.” I chided, slightly uncomfortable about the topic.

“Ahhh I see. Well, that’s amazing, then you know all or none. Both ways if you look at it, you are here precisely for a reason to be served.

“Either planned or coincidental? Either ways they mean.” Martin was explaining. I was not getting that straight. Was it some kind of influence?

“Was the attack planned by you guys?” I could not contain it in my pressure valves anymore.

I could not think beyond it, since the world with humans precisely falls into many groups. One trying to regulate other, worst regulations came upon those who were deemed free in this world for no one must be free, was the law. Gods had long retired and watched in mute absolutions the Shakespeares of each generation vending out their thoughts to keep the world alive.

Nothing worked if you did not belong to a group.

“Life was stark clean, humans hid behind the arses of Gods imposing laws of their own in the name of God. The day my family was taken away from me and I was not allowed to make free choices of my own, I knew it, at that point then itself, that here were no rights which did not pass below the nose of some fu…ing….ass.

Horrible interference existed on every plane.

My sister was way far brilliant than the world could have ever produced. Her knowledge became her enemy and people connived.

Human nets and networking runs the show, not the old, senile Gods who are imitated a thousand times.

“Well, yes, we did.” Lawrence agreed.

The humans, I should have known. I should have known. I was trapped now.

Boys were not sure what they were supposed to think.

“Do not please think that you are being trapped. It is for a cause which only you can answer.” Marco stood by the machines.

There was an iron jaw kept close to me, and I snapped it faster than anyone could imagine, the hands went around my body as the force shifted to the jaw. ……


Lawrence had fear in his eyes and Xi was immovable.

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