He opened the blind. I looked at the two boys, they were gasping for breath. I was not sure if with untied eyes you can ever not breathe.

As I looked ahead I saw a huge hangar and acres of dying, deserted land.

The Sun was huge and hot. There was a boundary, high with electrified wires. It was not a fence but a wall made of brick and cement perhaps.

Nothing could be seen beyond this cemented land.

There were tall green trees behind the wall, but they were not visible wholly.

“It’s huge rugged land.”

“Yes and its all mine.” Marco seemed happy even while he was melting in the hot Sun.

There was a jeep which was racing down and it was rapidly approaching us.

“Remember Lavoisier? Remember Louis Pasteur. Remember Einstein. Well, all are here, I mean the modern ones. Come.” The jeep was another kilometre away.

“Please smile, all of you, I don’t want them to get tense, it’s tensing.” Marco had his thumb and index joined into a smile.

“The beauty lies with the beholder,

My smile lies in my pocket folder.

I love the deathly silence,

The dance of the wind, sometimes I can

Watch a ballet, sometimes a tap, sometimes a

waltz. I see it all in the winds and the lightening

which strikes ahead every time, benumbing

sensations and declaring my awe to the nature.”

We got into the jeep and waded forward.

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