The cold climates gave way to the warmer ones as we began our journey in the unknown terrains, rather my journey.

The boys, as I am now used to call them were certainly not enjoying the confusion. They chewed possible everything they called food, trying to gulp down the mis-sense link in their DNA right now.

“Well, another few hours and you could see what I have done. When I was shuffling from one country to another I had to travel with many kinds of people…studious, notorious, rickety, frolicking, maddening, marvellous geniuses. One day a young man in the train sat on the seat in front of me and looked at me several times before I knew he was a future marvel budding within the closed dark walls, ready to sprout into a beautiful plant anytime. He told me the definition of work which is force multiplied by displacement. He said I was though doing some real work on the front, he meant on the exterior circle ⭕️ however on the inner one I was not doing any work at all. Since, I was doing the same work again and again, I was not deriving anything out of it except money, so that be. But, then since there is no displacement of any kind in the interior, there was no work at all.”

I was blindfolded and he said it was for my own good. We had got a chopper and the men were trusted. The boys were munching, certainly missing out details of the story with their jaws moving and their thoughts flipping through the pages of food and story.

“Now, I was baffled. It seemed true since on the inners a constant climate or environment can seem like a control in an experiment and not the testing process. So, I was the control according to him. Nothing changed, year after year I repeated the same process. Initial years I went through changes and growth, but then I was dying.”

“Really, So this was displacement then.”

“Certainly it was. The first few days in my job if job it was, the day I met your father, the day I met this man certainly counted only three days of existence. Rest of the days I did not even exist. It was astonishingly bland on my tongue. He said rather I had lived before this part of my life, under the starry skies I had grown. But, then an inner fear ruled me…fear of a food less, shelterless living, and this fear also repeated itself like a robot within me. I became it’s slave soon and my daughter and wife further expanded the horizon of this very fear within me.”

“How did meeting my father changed you?” It was absurd to hear something which was neither negative nor positive about a person who was questionable to my very existence. I felt a childlike restless curiosity arising within me and moving upwards like a snake making its way through a dark pit. The Sun shone bright and the heat and warmth touching my skin was proof enough of it’s very existence around me.

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