“So, this flight goes to India and as far as I remember I have never been an enemy there.”

His arms were shaking, probably age had made him really incapable of masquerading around the world.

“Your arms are shaking, have a breakfast 🍳.”

Marco looked at his arms not with distaste but as though it was something to be happy about, a child like mystic smile when no one knows why the child or the mystic smiles.

“What happened? Why do you smile?” Reasha was more neural.

“Something saved me finally, something even if it’s age. It makes me stronger than I look. The proof is you don’t kill me, had it been a few years ago, your arms would be sticking the butt of your gun.”

“But, you like Merci? Humans mercy you now and now probably everyone.” Reasha stated wryly as she fidgeted with a French toast and French sandwich.

He was savouring his food sometime and gulping it down hungrily on others.

“What about you? Have a future?” Marco’s spoon was running behind a piece of sandwich screeching over the porcelain plate.

“Nope. No future, except myself.” Reasha looked around, eating was business for those who ate and those who sold.

“Why? If you wish to share.” Marco moved his hands over his head as his right hand caught the right temple of his head.

“It’s amazing you still speak with so much awe.

Well, to answer your question, I never understood why to many questions.

#1) Love is once some say, love is many times others say.

#2) If you can keep loving around for a husband, for a man, why do we not love many moms, many dads, many siblings, divorcing one and marrying another as per our wish.

That way life would have many of them and there would be no scarcity of such love even.

#3) Why is it that we are stuck so much to two of the holes in our body, females basically and not to the rest two holes.

If holes are so beautiful why don’t we visit the toilet whenever we wish, rather than we have to, we eat any time, often expected to sleep anywhere with anyone.

This made me sick over the years. If we are all egos, and egos are attached to these two holes then again it’s strange.

So, doing something mindlessly is not possible. Putting my mind to understand these, have taken me far away from them. It’s not a need for sure, I know. If I need something, it is food precisely since it would kill me if I don’t eat. It won’t kill me if I don’t use the other hole. Now, I can be killed if my genes don’t get transferred.

Genes vanish every day, people get killed every day, life does not move on for many. Besides, we are living for what? Passing genes to reach where? End of the world.

I have loved and love as it is once.

That didn’t take me anywhere, so why to force life? Eventually when I am happy.

I love myself more. Loving again and again, I am fine with those who want to, if someone can I have no problem. I don’t make the statement to infuse others, infuriate those who experience love many times. I am just stating facts that go on in my head.

“You are far more mature than girls are. You remind me of someone I met some fifteen years back.”

“C’mon we have to leave now.”

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