“Laugh while you can, for laughter is precious.

Precious than black gold, precious than all treasures.

For one day, it may be lost, not to be found again.

When you may still be hoarding the treasures.

Laugh from the heart, laugh from the mind.

Laugh while you can, for laughter is precious.

Laugh from your front, laugh from the hind.

Laugh the love, laugh the sorrows,

For one day, it may be lost, not to be found again.

Laugh at humans and their petty tomorrows.

For none is real, except the soothing sound of laughter.

Laugh while you can, for laughter is precious.

Smile at your mother, smile at the old.

Smile at the new for they are pure gold.

For one day, it may be lost not to be found again.

When you are scared, laugh at it,

since nothing remains in the sands of Time.

Laugh while you can, for laughter is precious.

For one day, it may be lost, not to be found again.”

He was walking with us, reciting his lines, probably creating them spontaneously.

All of a sudden we increased our speed and he did not know the reason,

“Are we trying to run in this crowd?”

“It’s Kentucky, we can run through the crowds.”

“But why on earth are we running? What happened? I can’t run with my lungs puffing up, please.”

“Okay, you stay here. I will come back for you.” Reasha vanished and Marco sat on a chair heaving and panting by the chair. But, then he saw a bunch of some six men who were trying to be not so obvious, but his experienced eyes revealed the strangers.

The moment they vanished Reasha came back and tugged his right arm holding him tight almost dragging him. Regale was a heavy man and he almost lifted him up the floor dragging him with them. The security found it strange and decided to follow them.

“The bathroom.” Reasha turned to her left and entered the bathroom shocking a few and wounding another few.

“Sorry men, sort of emergency. He is my father and this is my brother and I leave you guys in peace.” She turned her eyes away from the crowd and the gathering even though she heard several zips zipping up, the sound is distinct and has a tinge of its own.

The security guards were almost at the door.

She pulled the door open only to meet the guys from the security.

“Are you following us? I suppose so.” She smiled bright and her face lit up for a while.

The security guards nodded not aware of any other gesture. Such a short notice for them to not react normally.

“Ahh! You see he is my father and he sort of soiled his pants. He is old and we gave him tablets in the morning to relieve his constipation. I am not sure if that kinda of overworked.” She smiled again, giggling a little.

One of the guards peeped inside and seeing Regale outside the door, nodding curtly at the guard, he came out and left them without another word.

They came out in five more minutes and they all headed for the lobby since it was quite a number of times that the flight had been announced.

“Now, hold this. Now just aim at that fat tummy and shoot.” Marco was startled for a moment.

“Do you want me to kill again? Why? So, you brought me here for this? To relieve you of some shitty pain.”

“Just shoot, trust me I told you the truth.”

Marco was quite tired and unable to find a way did as he was told.

He pressed the trigger………..

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