As we go down the lane!

As we go down the lane,

We find things have not changed,

It is we who have,

left many beautiful things behind.

I have met glow worms in a decade,

The beauty hidden in rusted facade,

Lovely lores that I heard naked,

True feeling, memories fresh or baked.

I love all moments I spent here,

I love only a few I spent with you there,

I love marshmallows and tabby cats,

I love the beautiful vines and hats 🎩

I love the rains above all,

The thunder sparks hitting our homes

The wilderness lit by it for a moment,

The purple blue holy trines

I love rains, I love you.

I love the smell around you,

Spirits and medicines and lotions,

When I met you, they were within you.

I love the rains, it reminds me of you

I love the rains, it reminds me of Thor,

The one who lives by me or I by him,

I do not know at all.

5 thoughts on “As we go down the lane!

    1. Thank you…. I am travelling and less I have access to internet…Thank you…it was indeed very inspiring….


      1. Thank you….and Yes unrequited love But a lovely one….always to be there alone standing on the shore….the only one yes…which gives strength to stand and to live of course….the way we want to….


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