This pic is of a woman, who lived all her little moments.

It was taken just before she had died, two to three years down the line by a distant cousin of mine.

“Here, your copy.” She held it out to me.

“Ohh, wow! You took it?”

“No, my ghost clicked with many other reporters around me. I am sure many have captured the same pose. But this is yours, all yours.” She smiled as she finished her glass of lime juice in a hot summer afternoon in Kolkata.

I was still in school, had met her once and considered it as a proud moment of my life.

Next year, she left for her eternal journey and we all stayed back to bid her goodbye.

It’s just that now, as we are packing once again to endorse the uncertain world out there, to live what we haven’t still this pic came out of a carton and I had to write about it.

I am planning to store it for my life and just not leave it behind.

Sometimes, we understand what we have lived in which moments we have smiled our best only when we relive them like this one for me.


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