The day I met you, the sky was grey,

The day I felt you, the sky was dark with clouds,

they burst forth bringing little rain with prayers and rays,

the lightning hammer of Thor was very loud.

That very day, I felt you were happy,

perhaps so it rained, that very day,

I knew I was happy perhaps in vain.

But then, even today I, know I am to say

I could love you better if I could be close.

Sometimes, I feel I could happily doze

on your shoulders with my palms

on your safe arms, sweet as the date palms.

I love you no less today, but I know

It might be a long wait till I can see you again

smile, and make the rain come down

When you are a happy bargain.

But I wish to meet you even if in years ten

from now, when you have more grey on your

head than the skies, it is not to meet maybe

but just a glimpse to know you live

happy and I live far by then, an end of me.

But, then the rains might come down

if and when, you are happy again.

Happy again in your lively gain.

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