Today as I sit to post,

I found a topic silly to host,

But, then I often hear one boast,

Zodiacs rule even the ghost.

Often, if you are treated unfair,

By dangling rich in diamonds and sapphire,

Or by pettiness of the poor vampire,

Ruling ways where rich and poor transpire.

We try to often find a reason,

Behind every rude word and treason,

Then suddenly we hit the walls of a garrison,

Zodiacs! It is the root behind all season.

So, we analyse humans on facts loaded,

In fat, thick books well folded,

Written by masters and seers moulded,

By the universe, sans sin atoned.

So what do we do question?

We read all tricks and learn a suggestion,

Then we judge, with all objection and dejection,

All points, phrases worthy of rejection.

But, then is men not made of much more?

Is men not made of a soul in the core,

How can zodiacs alone rule men’s door?

How can they suffice men’s sore?

How can it alone, substantiate my type?

Why is it only needed to create a hype?

Men do crimes and good in this life.

Men fail and succeed in their strife.

Well, I found it a good time pass,

Something to laugh at, a pinch of jazz,

But not enough to simply toss,

A coin in air for the floss.

If men do good they do rise above the lowness,

If men do bad they do falling below the greatness,

If men are kind and just, it shows their humbleness,

If men are wise, it shows their goodness.

Teachings teach a man seven wisdom,

Learning them can bring back holy kingdom,

Causes, why men don’t learn freedom,

Is hidden within the demon of Eden.

If had only been the zodiacs to blame,

People would struggle less with the flame 🔥

No one would make a witch of a dame,

The decay would then no longer be a shame.

It is simply another way to divide and rule,

Turning your mind to a meagre mule.

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