Young Nino the duck swam behind his mother and tried solving life, by asking one correct question, “what comes back?”

Young Nino, one day asks his mother, dear,

“What comes back, mama?” Loud and clear with a quack, quack,

To answer him, the mama thought awhile, to clear,

His doubts, for young Nino was only a duck,

“Well, let me just start by saying,

The Earth is round, so if we start here from Tokyo,

We go and can come back exactly here,” weighing,

Her words, she said, “If we go up, we come down,

If we stuff in one hole it goes out from another,

If we hate more, love comes back to us, hot and brown,

If we love more, hate tries to empty us in the sea shore,

If we cry more, laughter may make a way as a gown,

If we laugh more, tears run at corners of our gay.

If we yield more at a place, we lose more at another.

If we are found strong by nature, lest we sway,

in the future, we manage our weak brother,

If we are found weak by Father in heaven,

We are nicely and cleanly shaven,

Hot air leaves a place, cold air rushes in,

Cold air never leaves back it’s fin,

So it’s never replaced by hot air,

What is light, travels farther,

What is heavy travels no further,

Love and compassion stay, for they are no fother.

“Ohh, I see,” said young Nino, “I can now gather.”

“And what is it that you gather Nino” the mama said,

“The water, in my Mimi, mama as I float through it behind you, mama.”

“Quack, quack, quack,”it burnt the ears down,

“Hey, young boy…watch out..you swim in peace zone.”

“Yes, of course, I do Sir, but with a love of a cone.”

Quack quack quack…..

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