Money, same old money, damned and cursed at the same time.

Existing in all forms since ages,

Money follows the law of the circle, circle ⭕️ very stringently if only you know, how to watch closely.

Barter was money and gold was money, and now paper is money.

In barter we traded goods for goods. I understand it was valuable resource.

In gold we traded as gold is invaluable. I understand that too…

But, how is paper valuable? It itself does not have any value…so that reduces how do we see it.

Of course the life which ends to fulfil our means is indeed invaluable but then we kill, and then we use the dead carcass to serve the need. So do you see then what we are doing. We are killing living objects and feeding on the dead.

Now, these papers are money.

The life flowing through the veins of the trees….

Once which made them green…

Turn to pale, languid colours of human imagination.

I remember being a small kid, and when I was, I felt like Tom Bombadil of LOTR fame.

I never could buy the fact that you could be so addicted to paper, the one I used to scribble my imaginations and my other worldly learning’s and lessons supposed to serve me here on this realm.

I used to laugh at such insanity, my first shock towards my fellow beings, for which I must truly apologise, ohh! my fatally wounded knowledge.

I designed my own money, but alas! no one preferred them over their more popular counterparts.

Then I found that money and power are addictive, which support your feelings of emptiness, lowly lives, aimless, ruthless life, and then you want to conquer, and when you lay your eyes to search for that one valuable resource, lo! You find money.

Fair enough!

Money can fulfil the true role of a resource when it leaves the grips of its lovers and addicts…given for once we consider it is an important resource.

I also found that addiction to drug and to money are subjectively different…

Two different entities, given money is a resource let loose and drugs, drugs the ones which when used do not pull away anyone’s resources. So the latter seems harmless when you compare its impact upon humanity.

I have a video from the same friend who inspires me to pen down my views on such a wide and devastatingly huge topic.

But, then being a mere amateur with money and a toddler with power, being under no dose of addiction, I see it differently.

I value a few things money and power can fetch, comfort is not bad often, I realise but I can’t realise why we are not addicted to other resources as much as we are to money…which stomach in the universe can store so much and not regurgitate. Must truly be a visiting destination for people like us.

Here is a link which shows a simple event of everyday life but then it raises questions….

In the video, a hungry penniless young man realises mother’s love by tasting the food in the tiffin, he realises the value of everything and values human life even when he has none of it.

He returns everything knowing he did right.

He changed and corrected himself. But, he meets his own death.

Now it raises questions,

1) Does God end his suffering by killing him?

2) Does God punish him for the first part of his being a naïveté and madness in a non refundable pattern?

3) Why does God not see and follow the whole episode before judging, is God also in a rat race, hurrying down the oblivious road?

4) Is life of poor important given it does not serve the rich or by complying to play the sufferer?

5) Does it indicate a polar shift, change of judgement and chairs being taken by the dark who see things in fragmented versions often as this one?

Watch it to decide how much more can you make of this beautiful depiction casting human survival at the notch.

See it, decide and please leave your likes on the video…..

Love and light….

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    1. Yes of course…. True… Thank you… For making through the writing… 😁 I was wondering if it was conveying points.. I am glad they do which I now understand reading your comments… Thanks once again

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