“Well, then I suppose I am not the right one to help you. Trust me I know him, he is a good guy and he is looking for a good girl.”

“And what am I?” Silence spoke a storm was coming.

“See I cant fight with her.”

“Okay then at least be my friend, don’t talk to her.”

“But….” I hesitate…

“Your word, no butts and no breasts.” She held her chin high in the air.

“Okay.” I shut the door behind and left.

“What did I say…God…..?”

Right there aunt meets me….

“Did you find a guy I heard….Finally?”

“Who told you?” I was confused.

“I have sources.” Her eyes and eyebrows danced as did her shoulders and her warm huge bosom.

“The only guy who crosses my life, I found him.” I uttered.

“So, then….nothing…..you are a dumbo…darlingggg.” Her thick webbed hand all stuffed with chubby fat looking more like a cub paw 🐾 than a hand touched my chin, nose, cheeks were pressed hard, shoulders went haywire. Well that’s how she was used to showing love.

“I am waiting, after all he should respond. If he doesn’t then also fine.”

“Then make him.” She winked above her spectacle.

“See, I can’t do all that. This is a simple equation. One year, two year or three. He takes his time. I stay my way. I am not good at all this. All these years, I was not. I never even like anyone. Now I love him but that’s all I can do.”

“Okay if it’s real he will come child. I would pray for you. Or else, darling you are such a wonderful child Christ send us. You have your sea, your adventures and of course your monastery.” She suddenly grew so calm as the rice and held my hand tight like my mother.

“Okay, here you go child. Since, we all know he is the only one….we pray and we stay.”

One day almost a fortnight later, Roli calls, and then she hand it over to the sister and I am not supposed to talk to her.

But I break my promise, I talk to her.

“The tale you heard. What a filthy girl yay aha yay. Now do me a favour, don’t talk to her.”

“What? You are 37 and she is my friend. Let’s behave like adults.”

“Seriously, you don’t or you don’t talk to both of us.”


“Yes, Roli is not talking to you.”

The numbers increased on both sides and I battled both ends.”

It’s two months now and we talk to no one.

Meanwhile it’s one year I met this guy this month.

I look at the numbers in my phone helplessly.

“It is said if all women rule countries then the worst that can happen is one country would speak to no other country.”

I quit a job to do more. Still fifteen more days my life continues to hang in the battle of women waged by women. Helpless, clueless, I am planning a trip away from all of these confusions. I am not good at love. If he wishes, he finds me or else I have my hectic life to handle. My friends would surely not talk for a year and then one day there will a secret party planned, all will come….shed tears and become one.

And as I wait for the next fight which might very well be about some of my friends husbands and children….at 40 I guess after two to three years of peace.

I would come back on this in a long while with an unknown fate of my own, only to promise that I would surely keep you updated.

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