Good evening,

Courtesy: all images have arrive from Pinterest.

Certainly afterthoughts arise when we read such things. Here are some funny and not so funny combinations.

1) these little tweeties are true, all of them.

How do I know?..self experimental views.

Afterthoughts: Really? Wild 😜 hopes or lollipops 🍭….?. If they do when I need them the most I would be utterly grateful…specially when death arrives in all forms…to know death has arrived and, to recognise it, to walk past it sometimes courage is less enough and then we need some hands.

Afterthoughts: truth

Afterthoughts: I have done it seven times….all the times, it was because I wanted to die and run away. Each time I was renewed and send back. But this works insanely. I could not bear 🐻 the madness the world has to offer.

Afterthoughts: Well weeping willows I have seen many.

I feel “if you can’t tackle so many demons and they trespass every time why even keep them…maddening illogically right people……crybabies 😰😥☠️💀harassing others and their 👼 angels🤒🤕🤧🤯😣…if I choose wrong then why am I treated differently?

Afterthoughts: follow it, my mind says.

Afterthoughts: Ohh 😮 😲 and I am wounded so many times by others, worse b’coz they run behind me to ruin me….. then please be kind enough to accept one or two of mine as a token of love….ever forgiving love.

Afterthoughts: well, I wonder who gives people the rights to judge me from the little they know about me….so now the court is all mine and the judges too…so I judge unequivocally. Well, even I am every time choosing good then why not they? Well, I suppose I am proud, insolent and of course, overthinking and they are too kind to be humbly wearing my disposition and displeasure.

Afterthoughts: Seriously !!!!!

I truly wish this is true for weak I am.

Wish all a happy Friday…..

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