Is life always dirty, murky waters?

You keep explaining people it is not what you think and then one day all of a sudden you realize why were you even caring to answer back when none was true.

Merely trying to make things difficult, unpleasant and uncanny is some people’s hobby. So ignore and move on.

Why does it take a dog so long that it need no longer come home through the small hole in the gate when the complete gate is open wide.

The mind often becomes like that tiny helpless puppy and all people of the above mentioned kind do is practice bullying.

Gosh… Fat headed fools.. Right royal Charlies.. Well, who?

I or them.. Naah you must be knowing by now it’s always them who bully because captain America hates bullies so do I.

When I had joined this job, there were four interviewers in the panel. I talk of January 2010.

This panel had a senior manager cum associate director who happened to know my old school principal. She was their family friend and my principal in high school.

Now, why I hate mobile phones at times.

One day as I was talking to my principal mam over the phone, I asked her if she knew this director of ours who once told me he knows her from an old photograph which I had used as my screensaver.

Unfortunately he saw it.

Unfortunately I asked her.

Now, she said something like this over the phone.

“why are you asking?”

So, I told her how I know him and as what. Back then I only knew him as a director, leave alone anything else, an ultimate professional relationship. Now my Sister is a motherly person, so the next question went like this.

“are you brrrr grrichh grrr.” the glitch of the mobile.

I said “ya” not to acknowledge her statement but like a question.

Poor old sister did not get it, so next thing she tells me is about his elder brother which is something I did not even want to know in the first place, but just to not offend her I kept saying hmm hmm hmm.

Next, she tells me this,

“You know he has some grrr brr grrr vhch problem.”

I am like wait what, soon after she told me the problem.

I was like why am I even receiving such personal details about a director i barely know more than the fact that he encourages all his staff very well to pursue more work keeping them well inspired. Plus, I should not know about something as to who or what he is.

I have barely ever shown any sort of any faintest interest, even the word interest would be an insult in this juxtaposition.

Then, I’m like guessing and imagining the first sentences.

Ohh my God, did she, wait what.. My mind was taking a huge time to even grasp this abruptness.

But, I could not go back and ask her since all this while absent mindedly I was nodding hmm hmm.

Who would believe me if I said something negative now, because she would think differently.

Then she randomly moved to my other friends, family and all colleagues.

I kept complaining, talking but never got a chance to go back and deny her thoughts which I felt were her thoughts at that point.

Since then till date, I could never confirm and each day I greeted this man, I had always this thought in the back of this mind.

“ohh, Jesus please save me from mad thoughts and confusions.”

Babaji dont give me anymore confusion to deal with.

Of course I am Thor’s child and thus confusion are part of my life, but some as such are downright embarrassing.

As the end comes, so comes the memories and specially these funny ones where people took to their own thinking and patterns and styles.

I have one more such random story, this time its an ex colleague and that madness was something again I blamed people for misunderstanding.

I had no intention to date or like, leave alone love them. But funny stories creep up and also make your journey unstable since now people are attacking you thinking they are right.

Sadly mostly all, except one or two chosen few, all are always wrong about me and my few handful gossiped affairs.

When people can’t explain an emotion they call it affair.

When people can’t understand an emotion they call it affair.

Fear is actually the new love, so I may pretend to conclude.

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