So I spotted these two guys and apart from my daily chores taking care of them had to take precedence. One of them the spider had turned a little slow thanks to the showers and the wind. I spotted it inside my shoe.. So brought it out in d open in the broad sunlight. After warming up it regained it’s usual speed and danced the way down to its path.

The little lizard was hiding under the table almost hibernating state. Without a mother and food hibernating body can often be fatal for these little beings. So I shifted it to the warm up and gave it a little drink.. By the way it’s a gecko baby.. De often voice their opinion in the middle of any conversation… If you have noticed.. Thus it’s still recovering

By the way about the milk part.. Do they drink milk well,yes very much. I have caught them red handed drinking from the vessel, the left over milk if we by chance finish the milk and leave the vessel in the sink. So here you go.. Happy Saturday all of you.. IMG_20181124_102728.jpgIMG_20181124_102817.jpg

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