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Epsilon’s world-chapter 8 (1)

Next story about my ex colleague would be called game of shadows.  Many believed, many played for no reason maybe in three month time. Something must come out of every shit then why not this shit? Where there is no story none to call it love or life, where roads cross with many such people and where people and the world want to show a woman her position and grade, her life remains merely a set of answers to questions she never really thought were important.

Welcome to the world of qualified educated right royal charlies and oafs.

Character would be named differently and changed to avoid any inconveniences. Well, I am strong to take inconveniences much more than others (a light hearted conversation) is what I want to remember these 10 years, something where I learned bad about worlds and good ways put to practice to safeguard oneself.

Happiness is made of a little fur and a tail




as epsilon finds.



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