Happy, safe and peaceful Diwali and Balipratipada……

Tomorrow the southern part of India celebrate Balipratipada.

Bali was a huge king. So when the Gods in heaven were scared, they seny Vaaman avatar of Lord Vishnu, one of the holy trinity in the form of a vaaman.

He came as a short man, a dwarf to be precise… Vaaman means dwarf in Sanskrit…. So this day is auspicious for giving alms… 

Vaaman too asked the great and generous, and a very superior and a very ambitious king of kings for alms who desired an empire in the entire world…. He saw his height and agreed to fulfill his three wishes… 

In the first step he covered all of land, in the next all of waters and in the third step, the entire universe. 

Love and light to all.. 

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