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Our trip to Auli😁😁

“If you have not traveled,

You have read only a page.”

Our trip to Auli.

Auli is known as mini Switzerland. I prefer to compare it to no other place, since I hope you agree that India is unique. Our trip to Auli was a pleasant one.

Our trip to Auli was a safe one.

It is a major army base. So, guys its totally safe.

It is in Uttarakhand and it is the place where every year, they hold the major World Skiing Competition.

I attach a few pics here for you to see for yourself.

How to reach and what to see.

Auli is connected to Joshimath the winter abode for Badrinarayan, Badrinath. Auli is at a staggering 10,500 feet.

You got to take the cable cars and they are present every half an hour from either side. Charges for cable cars, two ways is 700 rupees.

During winters it operates more frequently. Our trip to Auli was in September and it’s a cool time to visit I feel you are not interested in ❄️ ⛄️ snowfall.

In the station itself you have a shop selling jute goods. And you cant take pics from the cable car.

What do you see

You have to just look down. Pines, oaks, birches and firs with small beautiful colorful houses is amazingly breathtaking.

Auli gives you a view of Nanda devi. We all want to scale or visit Chomolangma (mount Everest) but Nanda devi, itself challenging.

It has its own set of challenges so never think it’s easy. Once you scale it, you can feel very contended.

So, Auli is beautiful. See for yourself and leave your likes if you like it. You can catch a beautiful glimpse of Nanda devi.

Down there is a store which sells delicious awesome rhododendron juice. Its tasty n tasty😇😂😁.

Where to stay.

You have GMVN guest houses and you can book them when reservations open. They are beautiful resting places and each is unique to the other. Charges are less than normal hotels and very safe. They have vegan food. So, guys food is all veg but fresh, clean and hot. They would make it right in front of you.

The curve in the mountain at the extreme left end of the first pic is Nanda devi standing tall.

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