Dogs 🐢 can also be tube lights. πŸ˜‚ 😁

Now, πŸ‘‹ hello all! This evening, I came across a light moment. This involves a kid and a dog. A street dog, a cur, to be precise. Do dogs understand our actions? We need to see that. This mall incident may be an attempt towards understanding this small psychological glitche of a dog. As a car πŸš— turned into the gully (the narrow turn from the main road), this little kid on his bicycle 🚲 spots that the dog was resting almost on the middle of this gully. The car πŸš— is in the turning, the dog in the middle of this shabby gully and this kid on his bicycle 🚡 is trying to balance himself on it as he is taking an evening relaxing 😎 drive. This kid voices his concern, “shoo..shoo.” He tried shooing this poor creature so that the slow car does not hit πŸ‘‹ him hard. But, this dog 🐢 pays no attention to such shooing, since it is always used to such shooing. He keeps shooing. He keeps shooing as long as possible. When almost, at an arm’s length, the car πŸš— Β does care to honk. Only then, does the dog 🐢 understand that this was an alarm 🚨 πŸ”” bell, and it would have to move farther from it, on order to save itself. Slowly, it shifted and moved closer to one of the walls. Here, as it stood, it suddenly realized, that the guy on the bicycle was actually trying to help. 😎 What it did in the end of this story was this tubelight kind of an action, it slowly raised its tail, wagged a silent 😊 thank you. The animals are very much like us, you just need to give up your greed and understand this point. Once we can embrace these beautiful creatures they can also help us live. It’s a process, called symbiosis. It’s a process called co-existence. We can together make it beautiful and flourishing, rather than degrading and destroying.
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