I would like to take this opportunity to bare my soul on a topic.

Just like films made are often inspired by someone or some event or something.

Similarly writing is an author’s attempt to understand a particular topic.

Styles of writing may vary.

1) Aggressive

2) Compassionate

3) Narrative

4) Argumentative

5) Descriptive

6) Deceptive

7) Realistic

8) Imaginative

It is an author attempting to know and find a grip on a topic, a connection with the audience. Often, it is inspired by real life that we see around us and in an attempt to understand it, we might mention something relevant to reality.

Thus, no human should consider it to be a thought of an author rather, should consider it as a thought process. Since, thoughts like our lives are a constantly changing process.

The only constant is change, as we all know.

Good and light to all.

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