IV) Few lessons:

Please remember these few lessons to stop yourself from getting depressed :

1) You never believe what they say. You are important, remember. This will keep you away from depression. Often, the human subconscious can get into such a state, if your mind is weak. Check the film Flightplan. Its a perfect example of how much conspiracy is often required to drive another human into a belief that others want you to think is true. You have to be like the mother who could use logical reasoning and hold onto her own experiences and beliefs. The reason as to why she could rescue her daughter in the end.

2) Remember that each incident teaches you a lesson. In my case I had only seen the good and helping nature of people, fighting people, harmful people, but this certain variety had come to my personal life very less. I needed to know these variety and their power to ensure that I would be able to live considering every form of living. This will keep you away from depression.

3) You need not forget such people, you need not hate them, you need not harm them, you need not strike a deal with them. If some of them apologize or even if they do not apologize, forgive them anyways but don’t ever consider them in your life.

4) Like in my case, when i used yo go to that place, I used to recall people wise the harms they intended and inflicted and what suffering or damage I could have gone through. Even if you repeat the lessons you learned remember that is all you should do and, do not react to them or their actions in any which ways.

5) Remember through you God is showing them your kind exists and the strength and weaknesses of your ways of living and through them God is showing you their strength and weaknesses.

6) Often even if you are just remembering those events, or just discussing it with people you are most comfortable with, the people if they somehow understand you are discussing them, they might feel good, narcissistic tendency, so they try to pretend a lot of things. Don’t start explaining or denying the fact, unless you are good enough to play around bad points.

Just be calm and soon you would again be doing your work, so they cannot overpower you. Give up thoughts and fears.

7) Last thing, do not try to become like them, if that means you have to go through discussions innumerable times with your friends and families, bring your horror levels low through discussions.

8) Choose in between what all things you are good at and move to those,  away from the madding crowd. If you ever meet such people on the road again, you know for sure that they cannot do the same thing to you because this time you walk down the road with a book of life called experience.

Remember they are just playing the role of bullies, immature fanatics often, trying to trample you down since they cannot like the way you are, and they cannot let you flourish because if you do so then they would feel bad and worthless.

To keep up their worth, they try to bring you down. So, they try to attack everything they consider valuable or know the value of.

Those include




V) So, friends decide and look into each event very closely.

1) Fight your demons which try to join them making you weak. Subjugate those. Yfi

2) Evoke their goodness since every human has it, preventing them from bringing any major harm to you.

3) Trust that these three are not the cornerstones alone. But, yes don’t let them have it all.

In China once a thief entered a home of a saint. The saint asked him to take everything and not to disturb him in his prayers. So the thief took all and had to leave back the hut for the saint.

So, you should also try to keep the hut in this battle. Remember if you are belonging to a certain pole, you will meet more of the opposite pole.

In Bible there are few verses which says that the stronger you are, the worser you encounter from opposite end.

Have you ever seen Captain America take down a small tout?

The Jatakas mention stories where demons are assigned as per the strength of the man.

VI) So, here two things are happening.

1) Your strength and faith is being tested. So, if you don’t change and they do, it’s God’s victory. If you change it is God’s loss so don’t let him lose. If no one changes its still fine, it shows you have to refine your skills more and till you perform the desired number of conversations God would keep sending a bulk of same strength and kind in your way.

2) You are being used as a weapon of God to run his show. So, run it.

Remember in this world nothing is yours. You are merely using resources given to you by the God. So, have that much and a little enough for your weak flesh so that you can continuously keep doing his work.

Read the Bible, stories of Jatakas or Dhammapads or any book which can help  you focus on these points ina more vivid manner.

Light and rest to all!

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