Hi all!

I had a tough time with trying to locate proper plug-ins to upload my PowerPoint documents into my site.

Well, after a huge jostle, I found a way.

Meanwhile, I tried plug-ins, could not download it, then I could download it, but, then configuring the buttons were also a challenge.

I have, however, found a simpler way, to upload the PowerPoint documents.

1) First step- Create a PowerPoint slide.

2) Next, go to the below screenshots to upload the file in sequential manner:

3) If you click on the current slide, it opens into the below screen. Send with another app.

4) If you send with another app, if you see on the second rows, you slide it to left, then you will find the below button “save image.”

5) Once you save the image, it goes to the galleries. Then, you have to go to the open page in your WordPress site and click add or (+) sign. Go to media.

6) Next, go to the photo library.

7) Next, click in the photo library.

Select the photo in the photo library.

8) Next, click on “done” in the top right corner,

And then go to the “insert” button to the right side of the button.

9) Your power point slide has got attached finally.

Have a good time!

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