There are times when we literally get bored.
Now, does anybody know what is boredom?
Well, that would definitely seem like a lame question to be asked on this blog.
The answer is obviously a huge nodding “yes.”
I am sure as we all travel the paths of time, we get bored at one point or the other.
Well, I am sure that you guys know the science behind boredom and why it comes to us.
Most, often the usual expression is, “Ahh, I am bored.”
Now, bored of what and why?
Bored of what?
Scientifically we can never be bored by someone or something. It is usually a boredom which comes from our subconscious and touches the conscious mind.
So, next time you are saying this, you make sure, of this inner feeling which you would be experiencing while uttering the word- it simply means that the body and the mind are bored of each other, human mind is bored, which means you are rather bored of yourself and not anyone or anything else in the world.
Now, for geeks, if any are reading this post.

What happens?
What exactly happens to your brain and mind when you utter those three tiny little words, what is the impact, let’s see
There is in fact, a whole thesis paper available for this whole process. This is one of the detrimental factors which can be associated very closely with our working system, the ways we think, we act, we eat. In fact, a perennially bored person will have changes in body language which will communicate but one thing, boredom. The skin will scream and say that to everybody around.
So, as per Colleen Merrifield’s thesis paper, “Towards a model of boredom,” we learn the major neurological changes happening in the brain while we are undergoing the process of boredom.
Psychological stress is a major trigger to the activation of the HPA (hypothalamic pituitary adrenal) axis. So, this leads to increased secretion of cortisol hormone.

Psychological stress


HPA trigger


Cortisol release

What goes on?

Psychophysiological equipments used were saliva test for cortisol level, heart rate and skin conductance level in a group of subjects.

To start with

At first, there is blushing of cheeks, yes, absolutely there is a lot of blushing which occurs with the gain in momentum of boredom (well, then are we supposed to linger and wander on the question that in love does the mind of a person experiences boredom which leads to blushing- like ahh, the same universal process to witness, not again), causing an increase in heart rate and further lowering of SCL (skin conductance level).
Thus, cortisol increase seems to be directly linked to boredom.

Now, so boredom can be causing an increased level of cortisol in the body.
Just take a deep breath, relax, let go and check if you are feeling to be in that state.
What is the cause then?
If the cause is known then rectify or at least begin the plan to rectify the same effect.

Next part

Since, high level of cortisol from the body for a prolonged period of time case cause the below mentioned harm to your body.

With high levels of cortisol, the kidneys, the bean shaped structures within our body releases higher level of prolactin which leads to depletion of the adrenal glands.
The following signs begin to show up in the body which is not limited only to this though, however to start with, this is what it begins doing.

Backaches and headaches
Not sleeping well.
Even after sleeping well, you are tired. So, now you know, you are not tired, you are actually bored.
Weight gain- weight gain is often not caused alone by obesity and depression. Check around you, are you under the monotonous feeling.
You catch cold and other infections easily.
You crave for unhealthy foods.
With increased cortisol levels, you might experience increased heartburn, reflexes and you gut might be throwing up the boredom. Since it has its own nervous system which is impacted by the superior nervous system, even then it might be showing up its own ways to express boredom. Definitely vomits don’t smell too good neither do they look, beautiful thus, stating or signalling exactly how it is feeling right then.
You begin to feel anxious for no reasons- You have done your homework but yet you are anxious.
You feel dull and depressed. I think we always talk about depression, it has become a disease. Millions of people are advertising it telling you to be aware of depression. But, just find out before jumping into this belief, if it is really depression or boredom behind the scene.
Hence, this could be your problem, main problem as to why you are so sick and dull. Your whole life is a flurry and zooms around you from morning to evening.

What can you do about it?

Well, vacations can help. Small or big, but eventually after returning you feel the same once, you have shared all the posts and pics that you collected, since here you are trying to heal your symptoms, not your core problem.

It has to be one of the below.

Either you are not satisfied with your job.
Or, not satisfied with your surroundings
Else, you live a very cocooned and closed life. It doesn’t mean if you have a lot of friends, you would begin feeling good. It means take out me time. Do what you like.
Though after forty, it is as much a myth as Santa Claus is at our twenties.

But, yet making an effort to live in a way you want is always worth the effort.

Many wise men comment that life begins at forty so if you are that age don’t look at it with hollow eyes.
Start preparing, it shows that once you begin imagining what all you want to do, it will conceivably make you feel happy.
This will help release boredom to a lot extent.
Keep planning until you have settled your finances, (children and wife) those who have!
Convince them or convince any family around which you stay. It could be your friends who are your family, your own parents and siblings, your life-in partners.
Just, convince and begin life in a direction you wish to se yourself at fifty.
Don’t plan beyond that, since you might want to do something else post fifty and if you don’t, you could be subject to the same process.

Life is to enjoy, live, spread happiness and peace,
Not to sit and count money, position and dissatisfaction.
Not to accumulate jealousy, anger, competition and howlers.”

Hence, brush your back and begin!

Need some help in planning or need some more inputs, can write to me in the email address provided in the blog.

Happy reading!
Happy changing!