Who comprises this society? Practically everybody who is interested in this game of life laid down by Evil, I call the art of deviating people from their original tracks, a beautifully designed game so that like those losers, no one else can achieve their higher motives. The saddest part is, this very society teaches us to obey a higher being, more perfect and more beautiful than us, but when it comes to following it they fail to follow their own advice, well that does happen and the answer laid down by society is a flat “NO,” then.

Look at the ones, who are born differently, either in their sexual or other physical orientations. We barely have the stamina and energy to treat them at par with the population we term as normal. How do we know who is normal, how did our ancestors determine? Simple, whatever exists in bulk. So, whatever does not exist in bulk is abnormal. Thus, they chose the easy path of calculation, people who could perform all the tasks enlisted by this society. Abnormals, no one was even bothered to find out why were they send to us, to this world, what purpose do they serve, other than reminding us again and again as to who is normal and who is not.

This very society tells us, “Do not follow the easy path.” Why should we not follow?This is the path you have followed so should we. End of discussion.

We cannot thrust one population comprising of several different kinds of varieties to behave as one. We even punish and implicate the ones who think different from us. Thus, these poor scientists of yester years had to form hidden societies to prohibit this society to know about their actions. If you see in some parts of Nepalese culture, they have catered to the needs of this differently existing sexual preferences to some extent. How? By making the laws more flexible for both men and women. They worship virgin girls and upon marriage if the man or the woman seems to have more sexual needs then they are free to practice it, under the covers of the society, without being punished, but, of course, the will of the other man or woman matters in this regard, as to how much they would want to be a part of the married man or woman’s life. If they choose to stand away, not disturbing the couple then it could be that the man or the woman having the varied needs might move on to the other men or women or it could be that the man or the woman, chooses to remain with that one mate to whom they are married. But, if they choose, then two or more than two men or women are given the same status in a man’s or woman’s life.

Now, this article is not about sexual orientation and frustrations but bigger problems, which if not addressed by the generations to come, would not only stop one family or two families but entire race of humanity to stop spreading its seeds. If it still remains blind and unaware, then all we can say is, “Another race of stupid mammals (quoted Ice age).”

The world is slowly crumpling under the load, so is Venice, the city of Love and not eroticism as defined by many. Otherwise, this trick of evil will no longer serve its purpose, his mad theory of “keep your genes alive or face extinction,” will become a bogus and rotten theory in days to come, leaving no seed alive in the planet we call home. “The reason of destruction- too much importance to lust of every kind, hence annihilated,” would be the reason stuck on the board of the universal council behind annihilation.


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